Blog Picasso V3 (version COVID-19)
Blog Picasso V3 (version COVID-19)
Martin Ortega   12 Mayo 2020
    The bottom link is an NSF that only has an HTML Page Template.
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  • This Template together with its style sheet are included in the Picasso V3 database, the configuration document has a button that changes the content of the field of the Home Page. The new Home Page has inserted a Block Template (the Top) where it has put the new CSS with the new design.
  • ➡ Blog Picasso V3
  • Problems ???
    At this time the HTML Template design is different with respect to the width, header image, search engine, etc, etc, this should be unified.
    The width of all the Templates is defined in a single style sheet, common for the different designs (Picasso V1, Picasso V2 and Picasso V3), therefore, changing that value, all the Templates will be affected.
    The search engine, the same, defined in a single style for everyone, personally I do not like anything as it is now, I will put it in the top hidden menu, it will be visible when the menu is open.
  • Database name ???? Now it is free, in the next example, the value will be taken from the configuration document (as the original IBM Template does).
    This has a small problem, if the name is very long, in small resolutions it will look bad, in that case it would be necessary to change the site, if someone has problems with this, I can help you solve it.
  • ETC, ETC that I will explain when I put the new database in the SIDRA400 Factory.

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Blog Picasso V3 (version COVID-19)