NSF multilanguage, Spanish, Catalan, English and Russian (dominoblog of course)
NSF multilanguage, Spanish, Catalan, English and Russian (dominoblog of course)
Martin Ortega Novella   9 March 2018

Of course the template is the always, the Domino blog, and mutilanguage is pure hardware.
Why Russian ??? because in Sitges there are many people from Russia.
I entered IBM with a screwdriver in my hand (many years ago) and I retired without releasing the screwdriver.
I bought a domain for my sister's bakery, adding the domain to my Domino server was easy, it's what IBM-Domino has, maybe it's not the best product in the world but you can do everything and without great complications, even for hardware people.
Let's see what HCL Technologies does with the product now, I think it's complicated to recover all those customers who have migrated to other "things". I also wait for the release of version 10, it seems that looks good, I hope that IBM (or HCL Technologies) puts a free version for retirees because otherwise I can hardly prove it.
My sister does not think that this is interesting for her business, but for me it's only a hobby that keeps me occupied in my free time, I just hope that she gives me a discount when I buy bread.
Well, here is the link of a hardware application:

Hardware aplication for Bakery

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